Because we know that life never stops growing
and changing for the better.
Central Pattana Residence developed real estate projects for a fully integrated retail business.
Since 1980, to take care of every happiness destination. For every generation.
Central Pattana Residence
a subsidiary of Central Pattana Public Company Limited.
Delve into the details of housing projects in particular because we understand lifestyle. We have always captured every detail, the need for creatives is a knowingly special function, designing the house to be comfortable and designing a space for quality living in a good society.
For Central Pattana Residence, more than thinking everything from the space.
We think of everything from life,
So we’re determined to make every element of the house. Every project is a master plan of happiness for everyone.
life functional
be thoughtful to create super function that matter to life
Because we know that everyone has different function requirements. We’ve upgraded the functionally conscious design in another step that we’re confident that one day it will be essential to you. All our projects have functions that cater to all new needs and can be adapted to different lifestyles, with the design focusing on making the most of the space so that everyone has their own happiness space.
life design
designed to offer unique luxurious comfort
Because we know that a home needs a good design. it also needs to have a perfect design space for everyday living. Therefore, we focus on designing home that has the luxury of being comfortable. Design space to be chic with a dimension of friendliness and warmth. The space in the house is designed with care for every happy lifestyle of everyone. By designing to have a private corner for relaxing life with a family corner design to help complete lifestyle. The lifestyle space design is our unique design.
life quality
deliver a good community with life’s best quality
Because to have a good life at home requires a good social life community. Therefore, we’ve been thinking of master planning the homes of all projects that focus on providing the residents with complete facilities in the low number of units. The emphasis is on green spaces that must be part of everyday life’s perspective and have a common area that provides happiness and comfort for living.
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